3D Molding-

DSC's unique patent-pending 3D molding makes every designer's dream come true. 3D molding allows us to create any intricate design you desire, from smooth arc shapes, showing multiple heights, to three-dimensional geometric shapes-all of which we’ve previously done for our customers using this technique.

Multi-Density Component

DSC can customize material combinations to create a variety of sensations, support, and comfort levels based on your material selections. This technology creates structured support while maintaining comfort and recovery in the insole. For example, customers can use a strong, supportive bottom layer foam, paired with a soft, cushioning comfort foam as the top layer, creating all day, everyday comfort.


Zonal Cushioning

Our zonal cushion technology allows you to create customized cushioning in specific zones on the foot, to meet the comfort and support needs of the foot. This tech addresses high stress points throughout the foot and relieves the stress using specialized recovery foams on those zones.


Massaging Features

DSC’s advanced molding technologies allow for unlimited molded massage features on your insole. The raised bumps on the top of the insole can be molded in multiple sizes and shapes to stimulate blood flow and relieve stress throughout the foot.


Flex Grooves

DSC’s advanced molding technology can mold crisp, fine details for deep flex grooves on the bottom of the insole, maximizing foot flex and comfort during both every day or performance wear. This technology is well-suited for applications in which maximum flexibility for a barefoot sensation is the goal.


Enhanced Heel Cushioning

Our heels hold a significant amount of weight and stress throughout a day of movement. DSC’s heel cushioning technology relieves tension and strain on the heel, supporting and cushioning the heel impact with DSC’s responsive foam technology. 


Engineered Perforations

Our engineered perforation technology uses advanced machinery to create a wide variety of customizable perforation options. DSC has designed specialized perforation styles to stimulate air flow and breathability in the foam. Our perforation options add a creative design aesthetic to finished components. 


Digital Die Cut

Our die-cut technique is a digitalized production process that can cut and trim footbeds with precision. Using this process to cut double-deck footbeds not only increases our overall production capacity but also ensures that we’re producing higher-quality footbeds.


We are continually leveraging innovative techniques and R&D expertise to reach new heights of sustainability and product quality, for the benefit of our planet and the people we share it with. We are always looking to partner with brands that share this same vision.

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